Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Delphix can clone Informix instances

Informix Instance Cloning

Delphix can clone Informix! This post describes basic scenario of cloning Informix instances. It is a beginning of interesting journey.


Host 1: Informix instance installed. Non root installation.
Host 2: Informix instance installation folder provisioned by Delphix. Little change to network configuration file and we can enjoy new running Informix instance. We can use snapshot, refresh and rewind functionality. Using these features we can travel in time with our cloned instance.


Informix Instance Basic Cloning Architecture

Delphix Engine
Functionality used: Unstructured Files 

Host 1 - Details

Delphix: Source Host
OS: CentOS release 6.6 (Final)
Name: informix1.kolibero.local

  • Installation Folder: /home/informix/ixinst1
  • Version:  IBM Informix Database Server 12.10.FC5 PRODUCT RELEASE (Delevoper Edition)
  • Installation Type: non root
  • Instance name: ol_informix1210
  • Custom Database: Blog
  • Custom Table: Blog

Host 2 - Details

Delphix: Target Host
OS: CentOS release 6.6 (Final)
Name: informix2.kolibero.local 

Cloning Steps

  • Install Host 1 VM
  • Install Informix IDS from installation media. Installation folder /home/informix/ixinst1. This is non root installation.
  • Start Informix instance. Create Blog database. Create Blog table inside database.
  • Install Host 2 VM.
  • Register source and target environments in Delphix.

Source host registered in Delphix
Target host registered in Delphix
  •  Ingest /home/informix/ixinst1 folder as dSource.
Source Informix installation folder ingested into Delphix
  •  Clone ingested instance folder to target Host 2.

Cloned Informix instance folder. Now available in target Host 2.
  • Modify /home/informix/ixinst1/etc/sqlhosts.ol_informix1210 in Host2 to point to new host name. We have to modify informix1.kolibero.local to informix2.kolibero.local.
[informix@informix2 etc]$ more sqlhosts.ol_informix1210
ol_informix1210 onsoctcp informix2.kolibero.local 16323
dr_informix1210 drsoctcp informix2.kolibero.local 22217
lo_informix1210 onsoctcp 33113
[informix@informix2 etc]$
  • Export instance's environment variables
  • Start cloned instance using oninit.
At this point we can use new cloned Informix instance. We can make snapshots of the instance, rewind its state back and forth.


  • This is very basic example of cloning Informix using Delphix but it is good starting point to more sophisticated scenarios.
  • Using basic Delphix functionality of cloning "Unstructured Files" we can create new independent environment serving Informix instance. Our cloned instance can enjoy time machine features offered by Delphix.